What Are Some Good Examples of Feminized Cannabis Seeds? Part III

There are several more examples of feminized cannabis seeds that you should not miss out on. Enumerated below are a few more of them.

Master Kush Feminized

Master Kush feminized is a cannabis hybrid strain that is dominantly indica in terms of characteristics. It can be cultivated in different ways — outdoors, indoors, hydro, or greenhouses. Cannabis growers in the dry regions should check this strain out because it is suitable for this particular type of climate.

With an average flowering period of between 55 and 65 days, Master Kush Feminized can grow to average height and can deliver as much as 800 grams per square meter of yield. It contains high concentrations of THC and can make users very high.

Full Moon Feminized

Full Moon Feminized is a cannabis hybrid strain with roots originating from Southeast Asia. It thrives in the sunny climate and is perfect for outdoor cultivation.

Once you plant the seeds, expect the plants to grow to average height and complete their flowering period in about a month and a half. Its buds are tight and heavy and when smoked, they can produce a sweet scent and spicy flavor.

Medical cannabis treatments have benefited from this particular cannabis strain a lot since it contains high THC levels and has been efficient in many different cannabis treatments.

To purchase top quality Master Kush and Full Moon feminized cannabis seeds, CLICK HERE to go to Buy Dutch Seeds, an online cannabis seed bank that prides of its premier cannabis seeds for cultivation.

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